Truxtun Park

Category: Boat Ramp

260-288 Hilltop Ln Annapolis, MD 21403

(410) 263-7958

  • Launch Fee: $5 no cash, place sticker on tow vehicle
  • Hours: 5A-8P
  • Lanes: 2 lanes including one handicapped lane
  • Parking: No overnight parking

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  • By
    on 3/14/2013
    I have been using this ramp for many years and the problem are always the same. Since it is only 2 ramps on this location sometimes weekend traffic gets pretty busy. If you are not experienced at launching in and out of the water you might consider Sandy Point State Park where you have many ramps to practice. Usually there is a line to launch or retrieve your boat and boaters get pretty antsy when someone is stuck on the ramp for a while. Also there is a pavilion near by where people often have parties and they park on the road leading to the ramp even though parking is prohibited. That makes trailering an adventure since boaters pass each other, cars and boats in within inches apart. Besides that the parking area is a big puddle of mud if it rains. Eeverything else is forgotten once you are on the water and cruising down the Spa Creek towards Annapolis Ego Alley.
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