Story Ideas

engine-repair.jpgred triangle Extended Warranties
With boat engines improving in quality and reliability, is buying an extended service contract – also known as an “extended warranty” - worth the money today? BoatUS Consumer Affairs looks at the issue here.

runabout-gear.jpgred triangle Top 10 Gear For Runabouts
There’s a lot to be said for owning small runabouts, center consoles or bow riders, but you need the right ten pieces of equipment if you want o venture into open water. See what BoatUS recommends.


boat-rescue.jpgred triangle Connect GPS to DSC VHF For Rescue
An incredible 80% of all DSC VHF mayday calls have no vessel location information, which can delay or even prevent a rescue. Here are two tips from BoatUS that will ensure rescuers will find you.

Hurricanered triangle Hurricane Preparation
A storm is barreling down on the coastline. Is there really anything can you do to lessen damage to your boat?  Click here for the best tips, tools and storm-proven techniques for hurricane preparation.


towing salvagered triangle Towing vs. Salvage
One costs relatively little and one can cost into the thousands. Click here to learn the fine line that separates a simple boat-towing job from the more complex salvage job, commonly known as wreck removal.