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A $1,500 BoatUS Angler "Weigh-to-Win" Bonus for KVD

Photo Caption: Kevin VanDam and his BoatUS Angler Weigh-to-Win payout.
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NEW ORLEANS, La., February 28, 2011 -- Moments after he held court in the Bassmaster Classic press conference, Kevin VanDam held a jumbo-sized BoatUS Angler “Weigh-to-Win” check made out to him in the amount of $1,500, and he was genuinely excited about it, stating, “Sweet, I won!” as representatives handed him the cash bonus.

Peanuts. Chump change. Go ahead and say it. Fifteen hundred isn’t squat compared to the half-a-million dollars Kevin VanDam hauled home from his Bassmaster Classic victory in New Orleans. But while you’re thinking pocket change, KVD is pumping his fist. And that’s what makes him different. Winning is something he does, not something he measures in dollar figures.

No surprise, VanDam was among the first Elite Series anglers to sign-up for the brand new BoatUS Angler Weigh-to-Win cash bonus program designed for tournament anglers at all levels of competition. Best of all, you don’t have to actually win your tournament like KVD did to win the Weigh-to-Win money; you simply have to be the highest finishing eligible participant.

By purchasing a very affordable BoatUS Angler Towing Membership, you can find peace of mind to all of boat ownership’s “what ifs” – plus you’ll be eligible to win BoatUS Angler “Weigh-to-Win” cash bonuses to complement your sense of ease and in Kevin’s case, win enough money to buy roughly 500 gallons of boat gas.

The Weigh-to-Win program will pay the highest placing, registered angler in most B.A.S.S., FLW and PAA events, as well as the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. For as little as $38, the cost of a BoatUS Angler membership and Unlimited On-the-Road Towing service, an angler who performs well in a single B.A.S.S. Weekend Series tournament could win a $150 cash bonus. 

Anybody that has ever towed a boat has thought about “what if.” What if I have a flat trailer tire in the darkness at 5:00 am on a busy interstate eighty miles from home? What if somebody fails to stop behind me, and crashes into my boat and motor rendering it un-towable?  And what if once I’m launched, I have a battery failure or spin a prop hub five miles from the ramp.

BoatUS is the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters, and they offer boat-owning anglers roadside and on-the-water towing assistance as well as boat insurance.  Benefits begin at only $38 for a BoatUS Angler membership and Unlimited On-the-Road Towing, which provides services such as fuel delivery, jump-starts, flat tire assistance, lockout service, ramp winching and tow truck service for both your trailer and tow vehicle while trailering your boat. 

Getting signed-up for Weigh-to-Win is simple.  Go to or call them at (877) 584-2628 to purchase an affordable Unlimited On-the-Road or On-the-Water BoatUS Angler towing membership. Then plug your membership number into the Weigh-to-Win registration form and you’re ready to fish, win and have “peace of mind.”

For more details about tournament paybacks and getting signed-up for Weigh-to-Win, please visit or call Kendell at (918) 742-6424.

About BoatUS Angler:

BoatUS Angler, a membership program from the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters, BoatUS, offers boat-owning anglers services such as on-the-water breakdown and towing assistance provided by the largest fleet of towboats in North America, roadside boat trailer and tow vehicle assistance through 18,000 specialized towing companies, and fishing boat insurance that has the right coverage for anglers. BoatUS is also the nation’s advocate for recreational boaters and anglers on Capitol Hill and its non-profit BoatUS Foundation is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating. Visit for more.