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To the Person Who Ran Their Boat Too Close to Me

Top 10 Most Read BoatUS Magazine Articles in 2017

Photo credit: Is this too close? (credit: Paul Cronin)
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ALEXANDRIA, Va., December 14, 2017 – When running a boat, how close is too close? For anyone behind the helm on a congested waterway or dropping anchor in a popular anchorage, “too close” could mean a boat length or a football field away. BoatUS Magazine writer Carol Newman Cronin looks at the issue in the story “How Close is Too Close?,” which ranked tenth of the Top 10 BoatUS Magazine most-read stories of 2017. Just in time for winter reading, here’s Cronin’s story and nine other top-ranked features that can be found at

9. “Favorite boating apps.” From celestial identification to tidal data, lots of handy information is available at your fingertips.

8. “Avoid that sinking feeling.” Eight ways to ensure that used boat you’re looking at isn’t a storm-damaged lemon.

7. “Leave the dock using spring lines.” With one easy-to-learn technique, leaving a tricky dock can be simple, whether you have bow and stern thrusters or not.

6. “Fuel-efficient towing.” When it comes to buying a tow vehicle, the gap has narrowed between tow capacity and fuel economy. Many new models offer both, but there are some trade-offs.

5. “Leaving a slip in the wind.” Learn five tactics to get away from the dock when the gusts are against you.

4. “Restore gelcoat shine: A to Z.” Gelcoat is often touted as a maintenance-free material, but that’s not quite the whole story. Here’s how to restore the shine.

3. “What to do if your outboard won’t start.” Step-by-step troubleshooting will help you pinpoint problems.

2. “Six easy hacks for tidier projects.” Some of the best ideas are cheap, but will save you loads in the long run.

1. “Why aren’t millennials buying boats?” Millennials participate in boating at similar rates to their parents, yet they’re far less likely to actually own a boat. Here’s why from a millennial’s perspective.

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