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Photo of a BoatUS Member and her dogs

Preparing Pets For Excursions

By Bill Jefferson, Past Commander Cape Coral Power Squadron /Posted November 2014

Tips for preparing your pets for a safe boat trip
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How to Raise a Canoeing Cat

By Emma Deans, / Posted on October 21, 2014

Emma Deans, catnoeist extraordinaire, checks in with some tips for training adventure-loving pets.
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Travelling With Pets: Cruising With Cats

By Birgit Hackl,

When people hear we cruise with our cat they're often astonished or appalled. 'Cats are attached to the house, not to people' and 'not enough space' they say. Our cat Leeloo is part of the family, not less clingy than a dog (just more obstinate) and she moved house with us seven times in four countries. Her reaction was always the same: The cat jumps out of the transport box, inspects the new premises. "Nice place, where the cat flap?" Clip clap, out into the garden, then back in. "Ok, we stay!"   Read more...

How To Canoe With Your Dog

By Denny Lange,

One of the first things to remember is your dog is going to move about the canoe. Larger dogs are going to upset the canoe as they move around, so be prepared for that shift in weight. Read more...

It's A Dog's Life (Jacket!)

by Chris Edmonston, Foundation Findings #52

The last thing we want is for Fido to fall overboard, creating panic onboard, and a potential safety nightmare. Fitting him for a life jacket is easy – really! – if you follow a few simple tips. Read more...

The Pup Cup - Bravery, bribery, and barking—all in a day’s work for these contestants

by Diane M. Byrne, Power and Motoryacht Magazine, May 2007

This is definitely not your ordinary talent contest. "Border collies do it with a herd—vote for Kylie!" reads one sign held by a contestant's companion. A dreadlock-wigged entourage, save for one member in a blonde wig, accompanies a natural-blonde contestant who originates from the small island of Culebra off Puerto Rico. And a third competitor, about the same size as the tiny trophy he gets to take home just for participating, tries to bribe the judges by presenting them with a fresh lobster. Read more...

Salty Paws - Do Cats Make Good Mariners?

by Ron Stob, America's Great Loop Cruisers Association, March 2006

Jean and Garret Mulder have, Skipper, their fluffy Bichon Frise aboard their 40-foot Nova, Boat of Us, and their pooch seems to be perfectly at home, deporting himself circumspectly. Dogs are fairly common boating companions, but what about cats? Do they make good mariners?

Ed and Carol Huff aboard Vera Segunda, a 32-foot Grand Banks, wrote, "It feels as though everything revolves around Pearl, the boat cat. She is most entertaining. At anchor she spends the evenings running around the decks fearlessly. In a full run she will leave the bow and race to the dinghy on the stern, then leap up onto the boom and walk back to the cabin top. When the dinghy is in the water behind us, she will leap from the boat to the dinghy and snuggle down in the bow. She likes to walk on the handrails around the boat, which scares the daylights out of us. We know one day she will slip in the early morning dew and get a good dunking.Read more...

Hurricane - Are Your Pets Prepared?

The HSUS Offers Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners, August 2004

WASHINGTON — One important lesson from Hurricane Charley is that storm paths are unpredictable, and many people in the direct path were not prepared to meet their pets’ needs, perhaps because they did not think the storm would affect them. And, as HSUS disaster experts discovered, many families evacuated their homes but left their pets behind. As Hurricane Frances nears the East Coast, The HSUS urges families with pets to prepare for their pets needs now in case the storms hit their community. Read more...

Ahoy, Fluffy How to Keep Pets Safely Afloat

Ann Cameron Siegal  - Special to The Washington Post July 7, 2002

Ed Johnson of Washington knows from experience that waxed fiberglass decks and running dogs don't mix. His 125-pound Great Dane, Isabella, made quite a splash when she plunged unexpectedly into the Potomac. Isabella now sports a bright yellow life jacket whenever she is topside on his 35-foot sailboat. Read more...

How Safe Is That Doggie In The Water?

BoatUS Magazine - Foundation Findings November 2000

If it’s true that dog owners tend to look and think like their pets, then canines must be safety- conscious indeed. How else would you explain the sudden popularity of life jackets for dogs? PFDs, pet flotation devices — most often for dogs but also for cats and a few other animals — were among the hottest-selling items of boating equipment this year. Even as this boating season winds down, there is every indication that sales are still wagging the dog. Read more...

Dogs Trained To Find People - Even Underwater

By Allison Batdorff - Billings Gazette

Wyoming Bureau Criminals, beware: Throwing off the bloodhounds by wading across the river doesn't work. Bailey the Airedale knows that trick. So does Windla the German shepherd, Buddy the golden retriever and several shades of Labradors. With practice, these dogs can find people hiding at the bottom of a lake. They are doing that in a search-dog course conducted Tuesday and today in Cody. Organized by Park County handler K.T. Irwin, the course gives search dogs training to find people, dead or alive. Read more...