Theft Protection

In our continuing effort to serve the nation's boat owners, BoatUS offers a unique benefit — the Theft Protection Program, created to combat the alarming increase in boating thefts and vandalism. Registration in this program is automatic for all paid BoatUS Members.

Theft Prevention decal

Our highly visible orange reward decals are designed to serve as a deterrent to thieves and should be conspicuously displayed on your boat and equipment. The Theft Reward Program protects a Member's boat and boating equipment on which the Theft Reward decal is displayed.

Please note: this is not an insurance policy.

In the event your boat or equipment is stolen or vandalized, immediately notify your local police and your insurance company. The $2,500 Cash Reward may be paid to any person or persons providing information resulting in the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing or vandalizing a boat or its equipment which belongs to an active BoatUS Member and displays the BoatUS Theft Reward Decal. Division among multiple parties will be determined by BoatUS.

Law enforcement officers, agents or employees of insurance companies, marinas, towing companies, or other bailees of the protected property are not eligible to receive the $2,500 Cash Reward. Members are not eligible to receive a reward for the theft or vandalism of their own boat or equipment.

The Theft Reward Program is a great way to protect your boat.

BoatUS recommends the following steps to combat theft and vandalism:

  • Keep your boat locked when you are not aboard. Never leave your keys on the boat. Remove valuable items (especially topside electronics) if you plan to be away for an extended period of time.
  • If you leave your boat on a trailer, use a wheel lock. If it will be stationary for a long period of time, remove one or more wheels. Use shielded trailer locks.
  • Never leave your boat abandoned in a remote location. Keep it in a safe, guarded area. Chain your trailer to a stationary structure (tree, home, lightpost, etc).
  • Keep copies of ownership documents, serial numbers and photos of your boat and equipment in a safe place — off the boat for easy access should a loss occur.
  • To avoid identity fraud, do not include your social security number when personalizing your equipment and motor.

To apply for the reward:

  • Member must be in good standing when crime happened
  • Written documentation should be submitted with details of theft or vandalized property
  • Provide contact information (address, phone number, etc.) for Member and person that provided information that led to the arrest and conviction
  • Include available police and court documents to support arrest and conviction (police arrest report, subpoena, pre-trial hearing results, preliminary examination results, trial sentencing, and any other pertaining documents)
  • Member and good samaritan will be contacted if there are any questions or once materials are reviewed and a determination of the reward is made

* You must be a BoatUS Member to take advantage of this free service and receive your Theft Protection decal. If you're not a Member… click here to join now for just $24 a year.