Susan Clark

AVP, Membership Operations

Susan Clark, AVP, Membership Operations
What do you do at BoatUS?

I'm responsible for overseeing the daily operation activities of Membership and developing efficient systems to ensure Membership payments are processed and updated in a timely fashion. I'm responsible for the financial activities including budgeting and cost management.

How many years have you been with BoatUS?

I've been at BoatUS since February 6th, 1995 which is about 14 ½ years. My first and only job… so, I believe I have earned the BoatUS Degree!

What is the most unusual phone call or assignment you've been given while at BoatUS?

The most unusual assignment I've undertaken was to sing and perform in front of the company for our Goals 2000 program!

What's your favorite thing to do while boating?

Even though I do not own a boat, I have many friends that do own one. So, my favorite thing is relax after tubing, cook on the grill and play cards!

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I'm from South America, so my favorite vacation spot is the Caribbean. I also enjoy going camping in the Outer Banks, NC every year.