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Cooperating Group Program

Provide Benefits and Services to Your Members

Welcome to the BoatUS Cooperating Group Program!

BoatUS, Boat Owner's Association of The United States, the nations' largest Association of recreational boat owners, offers the Cooperating Group program which allows half-price BoatUS Membership and additional benefits to members of your group at no cost!

We do ask that you advertise our partnership in your newsletter annually, add our BoatUS logo to your website and or newsletter and have at least five members join or renew as BoatUS Members each year.

Whether you're renewing, updating, or signing up as a BoatUS Cooperating Group it's free and easy, and your members will be getting more than ever for their dues! You will receive a custom Cooperating Group Flyer that could be displayed at the clubhouse, meeting area or even feature on your website or in your newsletter! If you would like to use our articles or content from our publications, please contact BoatUS at Magazine@BoatUS.com or call 703-461-2864.

Have Questions? Contact Membership Services at 800-395-2628 or email us at CoopGroups@BoatUS.com