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Cooperating Group Program

Provide Benefits and Services to Your Members

Welcome to the BoatUS Cooperating Group Program!

BoatUS has a special partnership program for yacht clubs and other boating and fishing organizations where BoatUS will offer discounted BoatUS Membership dues and additional benefits to club members at no cost!

BoatUS Membership dues are discounted to $15 for all members of participating organizations and the discount is valid for new and existing BoatUS Members. BoatUS asks that groups help educate their members about BoatUS, periodically share BoatUS news & information with their members and provide feedback to BoatUS about local boating issues. BoatUS will provide marketing materials to help groups promote this partnership to their members and have put together a collection of BoatUS Magazine articles that can be used in club newsletters at no charge.

Sign up now to start providing your members with a great benefits at no cost!

Each organization is asked to renew their partnership each year by updating their information and providing us with the contact information for a club leader who will be BoatUS's point of contact. Participating organizations can also update the information on file with BoatUS at anytime.

Have Questions? Contact the BoatUS Membership Department at 800-395-2628 or email us at CoopGroups@BoatUS.com