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Spread the Word About BoatUS!

As a Member who values the services BoatUS provides for your boating life, why not help your Association to grow?

When you bring a new Member aboard, you will receive special recognition from BoatUS thanking you for your contributions!


Follow the steps below to help grow BoatUS—The Association:


red button 1Tell your fellow boating friends all about BoatUS benefits and services– how great the service was when you were towed in by BoatUS or how much money you have saved at your favorite marina on fuel!

red button 2Request a free issue of BoatUS Magazine for your friend, so they can learn more about their favorite pastime from the award-winning magazine you receive! Informative brochures about Marine Insurance, On Water and On Road Towing Services and Membership Benefits are also available. Simply send your requests to or call 1-800-395-2628.

red button 3Once your boating friend is ready to join, either online, over the phone at 1-800-395-2628 or through one of the helpful brochures you have provided them, make sure they include your name and Membership number to ensure your recognition when they sign up!