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2014 Trailering Tips, Maintenance And Projects

Published: Fall 2014

Tips And Tactics

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Anchoring And Docking

Whether headed around the world or out to the cove, sooner or later we all have to stop the boat.

The Boating Lifestyle

From canvas to clothespins — suggestions to make your boating a little more comfortable.

Entertaining On A Boat Under 20 Feet

Just because you've got a trailerable boat, it doesn't mean potato chips and warm drinks are acceptable.

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All Hands On Deck

It's where you'll spend most of your time. Here's how to keep it shipshape.

On The Slippery Slope

Backing down a crowded boat ramp can test anyone's nerves. Here are some ways to make it easier.

Secrets To A Clean Boat

You know who loves cleaning their boat? No one. Ever. But if you enjoy being on a clean boat, these tips should help.

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Safety First

To keep your boating adventures going smoothly, keep these smart tips in mind.

The Trailer Sailor

If "rig" means more than just your truck and trailer.

Putting It All Away

Sure, it would be nice if your boat didn't see any downtime, but most of us have to go home sometime.


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Keep Current With Your Boat's Electrics

Shocking tips to help you overcome resistance.

Beef Up Your Battery Life

It's the battery that keeps you going, so keep it charged.

Make Your Boat Engine Purr

Tips for keeping your boat's engine running smoothly.

Trailer Electrical Systems

Tips for keeping the electrical systems on your boat and trailer in working order.

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Trailer Frame

Keeping the thing that carries your boat to the water working well might be the best maintenance you ever do for your boat.

Keep Your Bilge Beautiful

Tips for keeping your bilge in top form and your boat's plumbing merrily gurgling along.

Specialty Tools

There are some tools every DIY-er has in their kit. Then there are specialty items that do the jobs nothing else can.

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Keeping Bearings And Brakes Tight

Helping your wheel bearings roll along smoothly and keeping your brakes tight will make your boating life easier and safer.

Paint & Finish To Perfection

A little polish and paint can go a long way.

Steer The Right Course

Tips for keeping your boat's steering system ship-shape.


Thumbnail photo of a hot shot bimini top

Installing A Bimini

How to select and install a bimini that functions like a convertible top for your boat.

How To Install A Stereo

While the stereo may not be the most important electronic item aboard, it adds to the enjoyment of your boat. Installing one is easy.

Replacing A Winch Strap

Frayed, faded, stained, or torn — you'll want to get it replaced before it fails just when you need it most — at the ramp.

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Installing A Bilge Pump Light

A simple panel light that illuminates every time the pump runs can inform you that your bilge is not staying dry.

Mounting A Trolling Motor

You can mount a trolling motor on a boat with a bow rail, if you do a little planning first.

How To Make A Look Bucket

Deflecting the light, with this handy, fun plexi-bottom bucket, lets you look before you anchor.

Thumbnail photo of installing a marine stero

Install A High-Water Alarm

Can your boat flood without your noticing until a ton of water is already aboard? This easy install could save your boat.

Running About

Buying a cheap boat to fix up sounds like a great idea, right? Right?



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