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2014 Guide To Trailering

Published: Spring 2014

Thumbnail photo of towing a large powerboat

The Truck

In The Tow
What's new in 2014 pickups/SUVs and what to expect
in 2015 and beyond.

New Tow Vehicles Slideshow
See what each vehicle maker is offering in their new 2014 models.

Tow Ratings 2014
Find out what that vehicle you have your eye on can pull.

Advice For The Long Haul
A successful long-distance boat-towing trip is a combination of pre-trip preparation and vigilance while the journey is underway.

Thumbnail photo of backing down the ramp

How To Launch Your Boat At The Ramp
Take time in the staging area to load gear, attach lines, remove rear ties and check the plug is in.

How To Load Your Boat On The Trailer
Getting your boat back on the trailer after a day on the water.

Adding A Paddle Craft To Your Load
Tips for transporting your favorite kayak or stand-up paddleboard on the roof of your vehicle.


Thumbnail photo of trailer rollers

The Trailer

Trailer Choices
A trailer-shopping primer to help you select the right trailer options for a a well-matched rig.

Reading A Trailer Capacity Plate
Your trailer should have a plate showing the designed weight capacity. If you're unfamiliar with yours, take a moment to find it.

The Lowdown On Trailer Brakes
Boat trailers need regular maintenance especially of bearings, brakes, and wiring which are crucial to keeping them safe and legal.

Thumbnail photo of a tire hub

Hubs And Bearings
Grease leaking into the hubs or onto the rim of the tire is often an indication of trouble down the road.

Trailer Wiring Care
Water, especially saltwater, is unforgiving so check your connections often.

How To Change A Trailer Tire
A flat tire on a boat trailer should be regarded as serious as a tire failure on the tow vehicle and addressed immediately.

How To Know When Your Tires Are Shot
Several factors can lead to the early demise of a trailer tire.


Thumbnail photo of checking power steering fluid

The Boat

USCG Vessel Safety Check Requirements
You won't pass a vessel safety check without these items onboard.

Spring Engine Startup
If your winterizing regimen leaves something to be desired, now is the time to correct all of last fall's mistakes.

Fuel-System Checkup
How to maintain your boat's fuel system to ward off unwanted effects of alcohol-laced fuels.

The Latest And Greatest Gadgets
Here are nine new gadgets that will help you set a course for good times.

Thumbnail photo of fuel system maintenance

What You Need To Know When You Call For Help
Before BoatUS dispatchers can send you a tow truck or flatbed, they need to know a few things your boat trailer.

Trailering Guys
Trailering tips from our experts Ted Sensenbrenner and Dustin Hoover.

Going To Great Lengths
Here's to the road warriors, as they head out with their boats behind them.


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