Sitting By The Dock
(In The Way)

By BoatUS Trailering Editors

It may sound like a popular song, but it's a tune too many hear.

Photo of launching a boat from a dock
Unlike what is happening here, when you leave the boat to take the trailer to the parking lot, it's common courtesy to move the boat to the end of the dock so others have room to launch.

Here's the scene at the boat ramp: A boat is launched quickly (that's good), the boat is tied to the dock (also good), the tow vehicle pulls away and is parked (that's good, too), and the next person in line backs down the ramp with their boat trailer but stops midway because the boat at the dock is in the way (that's not good).

This is an all-too-common topic on boating forums. Along with it come adjectives like "irresponsible," among others, and most of this is the result of the boater not being selfish but, instead, just not knowing any better. Still, some ramps, including those operated by Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, have added this to their posted launching rules after numerous boaters complained about having to wait for someone to return from parking their truck: "After launching, move vessel as far back to the rear of the pier as possible so others may launch."

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