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2013 Trailering Tips,
Maintenance And Projects

Published: Fall 2013
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Tips And Tactics

Ramp It Up!
Advice on launching and retrieving your trailerable boat.

On The Water
Tips for maneuvering and anchoring your boat.

This Floating Life
Suggestions for making a day on your boat more pleasant.

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Gone Fishing
Sixty percent of all boats purchased are for fishing. Here are some tips to make your day on the water more carefree.

Smart Docking
How-to advice on tying up safer at the dock.

Right of Way
Basic right of way rules every boater should know.

Top 10 Pieces Of Gear For Runabouts
Equipment that should be aboard every boat 20 feet or smaller.


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Keep Your Motor Running
Tips to keep your powerboat motor running smoothly.

Batteries: Keep On Charging
Tips to keep your boat battery current.

Take Care Of Your Trailer
Tips on getting the most out of your boat trailer by keeping it in top condition.

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Tires: Where The Rubber Meets The Road
Following these trailer tire tips can make the difference between a day on the water and a day by the side of the road.

Trailer Electrics: Make The Connection
Tips for keeping the electrics on your boat and trailer shipshape that can save you time and trouble later.

Trailer Wheels: Keeping it Rolling
Tips for keeping your boat trailer wheels in top condition.

Thumbnail photo of scraping the barnacles off the bottom of a boat

Scoring A Clean, Lean Dream Machine
Tips for get the cleaning and maintenance of your boat and trailer finished so you can maximize your time on the water.

How To Lubricate Control Cables
This band-aid solution can give you a bit more time to replace your boat's stiff shift or throttle cables.

Keep Your Boat Under Lock And Key
More than 50 percent of all boats stolen are on trailers. Use these tips to make sure yours isn't an easy "get".

Use A Tire-Pressure Monitoring System
Most new vehicles are required to have tire pressure monitoring built in, but you can retro fit systems to work on both your tow vehicle and the trailer.


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How To Build A Light Bar
A removable light bar gets your trailer lights up where other motorists can see them, and they never get dunked.

How To Make A Quick Custom Coupler Fit
Too much "play" between your trailer coupler and the ball hitch can result in more than a headache from clunking sounds.

Replacing Your Trailer's Rollers With Bunks
Bunk boards don't have moving parts, are usually cheaper than a full set of rollers, provide more even weight support, and require almost no maintenance.

Thumbnail photo of adding the spindle washer to the tire axle

Repacking Or Replacing Your Bearings
12 step guide on how to repack or replace the worn bearings of your boat trailer tires.

How To Replace A Fender
Most major trailer manufacturers offer replacement fenders and it's a easy do yourself project that takes about an hour.

How To Repair The Towing Eye
Your tow eye takes a lot of stress and that can weaken the attachment over time. Here's how to replace it or strenghten the area around it.

Thumbnail photo of swing tongue hitch on boat trailer

How To Install A Folding Swing Tongue
Shorten your trailer by adding a swing or removable tongue.

The Rebirth Of A Trailer
Bringing a boat trailer back to its former glory is a multi-step process, beginning with the removal of rollers and hardware.

How To Install A One-Way Scupper Valve
If your deck scuppers are allowing your deck to flood, consider installing an aftermarket scupper system that allows water off the deck and out of the boat.

Install A Transducer Without Holes Below The Waterline
How to install a transducer that won't compromise your hull.

Replacing an Outboard's Water Pump
Salt, sand, mud, sticks, and other debris take their toll on your ouboard engine's pump impeller, housing, and related parts. That's why replacement is recommended every season or at worst every other season.




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