Trailer Wheels: Keeping It Rolling

Published: Fall 2013

Tires get a lot of attention, but they aren't the only things keeping your trailer off the ground.

Photo of touching a tire hub

Feel The Heat

Every time you stop during a haul, walk around the trailer and touch the hubs. They should be cool or warm to the touch; if they're hot as fire, you're about to have a bearing failure.


Quick Replacement

In a pinch, lost trailer-bearing covers can be replaced by snipping off the bottom of an aluminum soda can.



How Many Axles?

That flat tire you'll inevitably get one day will derail you if you have a single axle. My triple axle has had flats and I didn't even know it until a passing motorist waved me over. The more axles you have, the safer you are, and the easier it is to back up. Plus, single axles are notoriously squirrelly. Triple axles are forgiving and easy to correct. For larger trailerable boats, I'd say dual axle is a fair compromise. But I wouldn't trade my triple axle.


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