This Floating Life

Published: Fall 2013

Here are a few clever suggestions to make your day on the water more pleasant.

Photo of a young couple on the water in a powerboat

Lip Service For Your Nose

Use lip balm with sunscreen on your nose as well as your lips. It will stay where you put it and resist perspiration better than sunscreen.



Nonskid For Tableware

For a secure spot to put your drink, cut oversize coasters from a roll of rubber nonskid mat. Also, you can give just about any dish a nonskid bottom using silicone caulk. Mark a circle the size of the dish base on a piece of paper. Place a piece of wax paper over the circle, and put a bead of caulk about 1/2-inch inside the circle. Place the dish on the bead and press lightly. Let cure overnight and remove the wax paper. The flattened silicone should keep the dish from sliding about.


The Ice Man Cometh

Frozen plastic water jugs keep things cold much longer than ice cubes. Use them for multi-day food storage when you can't buy ice daily. The bonus is an extra few gallons of cold fresh water.


Keep It From Going Bye-Bye

The nature of boats is for stuff to move about onboard or be taken by the wind. In that respect, Velcro can become your best friend. Use it to keep anything that lies flat in place. Clocks, poles, speakers, hats, maybe even some of your guests!


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