Gone Fishing

Photos By Lenny Rudow
Published: Fall 2013

According to a recent report, 60 percent of boats are purchased for fishing. A few of those even catch some.

Rigger Tip

Stowing outriggers for the haul down the highway is a major-league hassle, especially when the lines get tangled. To prevent this problem, wrap the lines from eyelet to eyelet on the rigger, around the eyelet's bases. Then use a short bungee cord going from the end of the line to the next closest eyelet, to tension it in place.


Talk About Road Rage!

If you have fish boxes that drain into the bilge or evacuate via float-controlled pumps, be sure to pump them out before you hit the road for home. Otherwise, the guy in the lane next to you will be thoroughly upset when you hit the gas, bloody water sloshes aft to the float switch, and fish gore goes shooting onto his car.


Photo of rigged rods in a vertical position on a fishing boat

Line Matters

Never tow for more than a few miles at relatively high speeds with rigged rods in a vertical position. Particulates in the air will have a damaging effect on the line, reducing its breaking strength. If you've just towed home with the rods stowed like that after a day of fishing, cut off and throw away the first 10 feet of line before re-rigging them. Secure rods to prevent them blowing out of the holders while on the road.


Photo of Gulp brand plastic bait

Tackle Saver

Never leave a Gulp brand plastic bait on a jig head when you pull the boat and head down the road. Wind blast will dry it out in no time, and the plastic will turn rock hard, ruining your jig. Bonus Tip: If this happens, place the jig in a bucket of water overnight. The plastic will usually rehydrate, and in the morning you'll be able to salvage the jig head.


Back Saver

On a related note, never drop a used-up plastic bait or piece of one down on the deck to pick up "later." They're as slick as grease underfoot.End of story marker


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