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2013 Guide To Trailering

Published: Summer 2013
Thumbnail photo of a truck towing a boat

Section 1: Tow Vehicle

Know Your Tow Vehicle
Got enough power to pull the boat? A little bit of math will show if you can do this safely.

What's Best For Towing
What are the advantages and disadvantages of all-wheel drive versus two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive when considering a tow vehicle?

Tow Package Or Not?
There are several very strong reasons to consider a factory tow package, as opposed to buying the vehicle without any towing equipment.

Tow Rating 2013
Listed by manufacturer and model with engine size and towing capacity.


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Section 2: The Trailer

Trailer Works
How to keep your rig in top shape.

The Lowdown On Tires
They're the most important part of your boat trailer.


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Section 3: Putting It All Together

Connecting The Truck + Trailer
The tow vehicle and the trailer are connected in five different places, and each is important. Here's what you need to know.

Tongue Weight DIY
Your tongue weight should be 7-10 percent of the total trailer weight. Here are two methods to finding the tongue weight of your trailer.

5 Things To Know About Insurance
One of the most important things associated with owning a boat, but insurance policies can be confusing. Here's what you need to know before you sign on the dotted line.

Introducing Friends To Boating
Introducing your non-boating friends to boating is rewarding, but ripe with opportunities for blunders.


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Section 4: On The Road

Tips For Towing A Trailer
Hitting the highway with a boat trailer that has been properly matched with and secured to the vehicle goes a long way toward assuring a trouble-free trip.

Advice from our TRAILER ASSIST professionals.


Thumbnail photo of launch a boat off a boat ramp

Section 5: At The Water's Edge

Ramp 101
Advice on the safest way to launch a boat from a boat ramp.

10-Step Pre-Launch Checklist
Loading, backing down the ramp, and launching your boat.


Thumbnail photo of an on-the-water tow

Section 6: On The Water

How To Tow Like A Pro!
Tips for pulling a slalom skier on a public lake. The goal is to be safe, have fun, and maximize the smooth water.

When Things Go Wrong on The Water
The top reasons boaters need an on-the-water tow.

4 Steps To Take If Your Outboard Quits
You're putt-putting along pretty as you please, when suddenly your outboard dies. What do you do next?

How To Beach Your Boat And Leave Again
Beaching, rather than anchoring, to swim or go ashore can be a great way to temporarily secure your boat, if you do it the right way.


Thumbnail photo of pulling the boat back up the boat ramp

Section 7: Back At The Ramp

Back At The Ramp
Getting the boat back on the trailer is a matter of reversing what you did to get the boat into the water — with a few exceptions.


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Section 8: Back Home

How To Wash A Trailer
A good rinse in fresh water protects your investment and helps defend against invasives.

Time To Put The Toys Away
Maintaining your trailer in the off-season is as important as doing so when it's in use.

The Trailering Guys
They're familiar with almost everything that can go wrong with a boat trailer and are ready to answer your questions.

Off Ramp
Your stories about an experience on the water from which all of us can learn.




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