Photo of boat headAsk the Experts: Wrong Way Flush

There's backflow into my head when underway and also when docked if the holding tank is 3/4 full. Should there be a backflow preventer in the system? Our experts answer this and your other your technical questions.


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Whether you live in Alaska or Alabama, these nine winterizing steps will get your boat back on the water faster come spring.


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Any number of things can cause your boat engine's temperature to spike. Here's what to do when things start to heat up.


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Seal out the grit and grime of the coming winter with
these steps — and some elbow grease.


Thumbnail photo of a large container ship passing a small boatCollision Avoidance 2.0

The single biggest advance since radar, AIS has come of age for recreational boats, allowing us to automatically communicate our course and speed with other vessels, and avoid accidents.


Thumbnail illustration of anchor offset errorThe Ultimate Anchor Watch

Almost all anchor watch systems rely on the global positioning system (GPS), a revolutionary aid to navigation that is nonetheless prone to errors that must be compensated for when used to monitor the boat's position.