February/March 2013


Thumbnail photo of trailing a boat Ask the Experts: Trouble With Trailers

I replaced the brakes on the back axle of my trailer last year. Now, the front axle needs brakes. If I only have brakes on one axle, does it matter whether they're front or rear? Answers from our tech team.


Illustration:@2013 Mirto Art Studios No Drama Docking With Spring Lines

No bow thruster to gracefully bring your vessel into port? Then make spring lines your best friend.


Thumbnail photo of snow shark Seaworthy - Doing Hard Time

Guard against those unpleasant surprises come springtime with our mid-winter checklist.


Thumbnail photo of on-the-water training Where To Find Advanced Boater Training

Find out where you can get on-the-water and remote-learning tools, to improve your boating skills.