April/May 2013

Ask the Experts: Is My Gelcoat Damage Permanent?

Good news is that gelcoat starts out relatively thick, so it can tolerate quite a bit of abuse before it's unsalvageable. Answers to your questions from our tech team.


How To Pick The Right Sealant

Perfect technique can't make up for the wrong sealant. If you really want to stop that leak, start by getting the sealant right.


Re-Bed Deck Fitting Correctly

Doing it right isn't difficult; it just takes a bit of knowledge, thought, and attention. Here's how to go about it.


Secret Warning Signs

What's that funny smell? Do you hear a strange noise? Wait a second, that feels too hot! Stop and trust your senses. They've got some important news for you.


Your Spring Fitting-Out Checklist

It's almost time for summer fun! Working your way through this checklist will help make sure your boat's ready to go when you are.


Thumbnail photo of Curiosity 10 Steps To A New Boat Name

Two easy methods to apply vinyl lettering or graphics to your boat with step by step instructions and videos.