April/May 2013

American Boater: Brett McBride — The Evolution Of A Shark Man

How a 5-year-old kid obsessed with sharks grew up to score his dream job.


Photo of Teresa Carey American Boater: Teresa Carey —
The Art of Living Simply

Teresa Carey, a lifelong sailor has an affinity for Thoreau's belief in the joy of living simply in natural surroundings.


Photo of Chef Steve Black American Boater: Steve Black —
Fishing Passion Inspires Culinary Creations

Chef Steve Black's passion for fishing has inspired his recipes which appear on Sheraton menus and in fishing magazines.


Trials Of The Docking Derby

A pleasant day's sail takes an unexpected turn but quick thinking saves the day.


Einstein's Energy For His Boats

Albert Einstein, like ourselves, just had to get down to the water and go messing about in his boat.


Our Brother's Keeper

Finding ways to turn anglers into the guardians of rivers and lakes drives the founder of Recycled Fish.


A Walk On The Wild Side

Adventurous boaters can find a remote paradise on Michigan's Isle Royale.


Summer School On Lake Michigan

They had a dream: to take the kids on a big boating adventure that would push them, connect them, and open them up to the world around them.


An Insider's Guide To The North Channel

Explore Lake Huron's top cruising ground, with a couple who go there every year, for good reason. Here is their "must visit" boating itinerary.


The Thousand Islands One Island
At A Time

It may not have always been smooth sailing, but island life finally turned this enthusiast into a real boater.


A Rope Is A Rope

This poem can help people new to boating learn that, once they come aboard a boat, 'rope' needs to be called 'line.'


Share Your Favorite Cookbooks

Lori Ross is sharing her favorite cookbooks and cooking websites. We welcome you to share yours as well.