October | November 2012


Thumbnail photo of a boat in frozen water by a dock in danger of sinking Seaworthy: Forget Anything?

While the entire crew is likely to lend a hand for spring fitting out, reversing the process in the fall is like cleaning up after a party; there are few volunteers and even less effort.


Illustration of how to return to a victim that has fallen overboard Foundation: How To Prepare For A Man Overboard

Few of us plan for a crewmember to fall overboard. Getting that person back aboard is harder than you think. This month, the BoatUS Foundation tackles the subject.


Thumbnail photo of towing a sailboat that has run aground Skills: Your Starring Role In Going Aground

Sometimes, does it feel like you're hitting bottom? Well, in boating, that can be more than a feeling! Here are some proven techniques to free your boat.


Thumbnail photo of using vibration technique to loosen a frozen bolt DIY : When There's No Dynamite

Frozen bolts can be maddening. Tom suggests a series of tactics from lubricants to brute force to get the darn things out.


Thumbnail photo of a shaft seal Ask the Experts: Uncooked Electronics

Is there any evidence to support using the onboard oven to protect electronics? We have a ketch rig with antennas on both masts, monitor the lower mast radio during storms, and disconnect the main mast antenna. Answers from our tech team.