Tips For Taking Better
Fishing Photos

Story and Photos By Pat Ford
Published: June/July 2012

This story won't help you catch more fish on your line, but it sure will help you capture them in pictures.

Photo of watching the sunset form the deck of a boat

For Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras

There are many good waterproof point-and-shoot cameras on the market today, which are excellent choices for boaters. Any point-and-shoot camera over six megapixels will make a fine 8x10 print. Here's how to make your pictures pop:

  • Set your camera to the highest resolution/quality JPEG. Set the image to the largest size. You'll get fewer photos, but you'll be able to enlarge them later to any size you like.
  • Set the ISO (which governs the camera's sensitivity to light) to auto, or 400. No need to go below 400.
  • Avoid using the "digital zoom" feature, which decreases picture quality. You can always zoom and crop on your computer later.
  • The fill-in flash makes a big difference in lighting up the boater's face. The hats we wear aboard make dark face shadows. For shots of people or grip-and- grin photos of your catch, go to the "portrait" mode on the scene selector and then set the flash to "on."
  • Tell your friends to stay put till they see the flash go off. There's a delay between pressing the shutter release and the shutter actually taking the photo — this is the major drawback to point-and-shoot cameras and makes action shots more difficult to capture.
  • Photo of a fishing rod and fish
    If nothing's happening, be creative with your gear and location. (iso500, 15mm, f14, 1-400)

  • Bracket your shots. Take one without a flash, the same one with a flash, and yet another from a different angle (higher, lower, or from one side), to make sure one of them gives you what you want.
  • Shaking up the expected angle makes for more interesting shots. Instead of the straight-on shot, go up to the bridge and take the photo, with your subjects looking up and smiling.
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Photo of man hauling a large fish out of the water
Good layout for a large depth of field and flash. (iso400, 17mm, f16, 1-400)

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