June | July 2012


Thumbnail photo of painting the trim Ask The Experts: Where's The Proof?

Is there a telltale way to verify that the starter in question is truly ignition protected? The reseller says, "Yes, it is ignition protected," but I would like to have some concrete proof. Answers from our tech team.


Thumbnail photo of fishfinder How To Install A Fishfinder

Take on this simple electronics installation, and you'll see what lies beneath your boat.


Thumbnail photo of a modern fishfinder and radar unit Man Versus Machine

It's not HAL 9000 against David Bowman, but the results are just as epic.


Thumbnail photo of a diesel engine Do We Need To Worry About Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel?

For anyone fond of breathing, and fond of their engines, there's a lot to like about ULSD.


Thumbnail photo of a woman driving a powerboat 17 Ways To Save Fuel This Summer

Don't let the dollar signs at the pump get in the way of your boating season. While different boats and circumstances require different tactics to minimize fuel consumption, there's usually more than one trick of the trade that'll work for your vessel.