December 2012


Thumbnail photo of Capt R.T. Trosset holding up a nice red grouper. Island Escapes : Winter Fishing in the Keys Has It All

There's no doubt, if I had two weeks to fish anywhere in the U.S., that I would head to Key West, Florida.


Thumbnail photo of cruising the Shannon-Erne Waterway Island Escapes : Emerald Isle Escape

It takes some effort to get there such as some tricky navigating of the Santa Barbara Channel but the reward is arriving at one of their favorite places on the planet.


Thumbnail photo of diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef Island Escapes : At Play In The Drowned Mountains

Photos taken from outer space, looking back to the Earth, reveal a stunningly distinct portrait of the 3,000-plus reefs and islands of Australia's Great Barrier Reef…


Thumbnail photo of Sprague Theobald It's Just My Day Job

For most of us, spending time in a boat is something we do for fun on weekends. But for a select few, firing up the engines and casting off is something they do every day. Rain, hail, or shine.


thumbnail photo of scene from the movie Life of Pi Behind The Scenes With The Original Pi

For "Life Of Pi," Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee tapped the world's most famous ocean "survival consultant," Steven Callahan, to learn about existing in a life raft, and to ensure that the sea would be one of the movie's most authentic characters.


Thumbnail photo of USS Constitution docked at Charlestown Navy Yard Winning Independence All Over Again

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the start of the War of 1812, and some of the most dramatic naval battles in our country's history. For the next couple of years, hop on your boat and take a trip through time.