Admirals and Aggregators

Published: December 2012

Each week A&A gives you an excuse to linger at your desk at lunch perusing our collection of useful, eccentric, or just plain fascinating links to nautical internet treasures.

This Week: This Much Air Time Should Earn You Your Pilot’s License — Pro Wakeboarders Filmed From Helicopters

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about (RE: Wakeboarding) or what consuming too many energy drinks will do to your fashion sense, these videos will shed some light on the art of the shred. Pro team members show off some big air moves while being chased by helicopter mounted cameras. Plus some kids who got clever with a GoPro HD and a lacrosse stick. Bonus Track: Wakeboarding on Cranberries. Really.

How The Pros Do IT: LiquidForce 2012

Stunning camera work, sick tricks, bad dancing, and some wakeskating thrown in.


Defy The Movie (Trailer)
Three year project filming pros around the world. Nice preview of the movie.

Shaun Murray
Shaun shows why he is still a force on the wakeboard scene, including an amazing demonstration of board control at 1:23.

Rusty Malinoski
Big air from a big guy

GoPro On A Stick
Clever camera work with a GoPro and a lacrosse stick

Red Bull Cranberry Ride
Seeing is believing, right?