Boat Lifts

By Michael Vatalaro

There are a lot of advantages to keeping your boat out of the water here are three new and innovative ways to do it.


Introduced this past spring, the EZ-BoatPort from EZ-Dock is a grownup version of their drive-on PWC lifts. Modular floating docks like those from EZ-Dock and others offer great flexibility in designing a home for your boat. A chief advantage is the ability to add "sidewalks" on either side of your lift, giving you 270-degree access to the boat while it is out of the water.

Photo of the EZ-BoatPort from EZ-Dock

The EZ-BoatPort lets you power on and off in boats up to 25 feet in length, weighing up to 5,000 pounds, in as little as two feet of water. The polyethylene material keeps maintenance to a minimum and additional flotation is available using an air-displacement float tank to increase capacity. Rollers and bunks are adjustable and can accommodate deadrise angles up to 21 degrees.


This Innovation Award-winning lift by Sunstream combines the advantages of a drive-on dock system, notably composite construction that's impervious to salt and sun, and a displacement lift. The V-shaped cradle raises and lowers quickly, thanks to a blower motor in each of the four sections, lifting your boat out of the water in less than two minutes, and launching it in as little as 75 seconds. The DC-electric blowers are connected directly to each air chamber, so there are no hoses that can leak, and no power pack to mount on the dock.

Photo of a V-Lift

In fact the V-Lift doesn't require any hardware to attach to a dock; simply cleat it off as you would your boat. The batteries can be charged by shore or solar power and it fits in slips as narrow as 10 feet. Activate the lift with a key-fob remote, and you're on your way.

Kayak Dock

Versadock builds their floating docks out of square units you can build basically any shape you need, sort of like a floating game of Tetris. If you watched a lot of Olympic rowing, you may have seen some of this UK-based company's handy work in the background. They supplied drive-on docks for the London police water patrols. The Kayak Dock can also be outfitted to handle dinghies or rowing shells.  

— Published: October/November 2012

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