Directory of Marine Surveyors - New England

Jeffrey P. Gonsalves
Jay Michaud
Jim Dias
Accredited Marine Surveyors
Barnaby C. F. Blatch
Atlantic Marine Survey
Frederick C. Bieberbach Jr.
Bravo Marine Associates
Andrew J. Cook
Captain Cook Marine Survey
John Reichardt
Captain John Marine Surveyors
Paul F. Logue
Coastal Marine Surveyors
William Coble
Coble Associates
Donald Walwer
D & G Marine
Dexter A. Holaday
Dexter A. Holaday
Bernard J. Feeney
Gulf of Maine Boat Surveyors
Tom Lokocsz
Maine Design Company, LLC
Dennis J. Layfield
Marine Safety Consultants, Inc
Paul W. Shaw II
Marine Surveyor & Consultant
John McDonough
Marine Surveyor/Consultant LLC
William B. Robbins
New England Marine Survey, LLC
Bill Lee
Ocean Reporter
Charlie Gruetzner
Oceanis Marine Services, Inc
David McClay
QBC Marine Services
George Stafford
Stafford Marine Service
George Little
Tamarack Marine Surveys
Peter J. Spang
Turnstone Marine Survey
Stan Walker
Walker Enterprise & Services

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