Kim Shaw

Assistant Vice President, Underwriting

Kim Shaw
What do you do at BoatUS Marine Insurance?

I'm in charge of Underwriting Sales, though I started out in customer service. I've worked just about all areas of Marine Insurance, beginning with Underwriting and then into our M.I.S. program (where you do 6 months of claims work, and then 6 months of underwriting work). Then I moved back to claims before finally ending up in Underwriting.

How does your job impact our product or policyholders?

I am responsible for training our service reps and underwriters in both product and policy knowledge.

How many years have you been with BoatUS?

21 years. BoatUS is great place to work. It’s all about the people.

Do you own a Boat? If so, what kind and where do you use it?

I don't own one currently, but I grew up boating in South Carolina with my family on our 17 ft. Boston Whaler and did a lot of waterskiing. I've also spent many years on my brothers 40ft. Catalina that was kept in the Chesapeake Bay. So I've had the best of both worlds… both power and sail!

Most unusual phone call, claim or assignment while at BoatUS?

The most exciting or rewarding assignments came when I was a member of our Hurricane CAT (Catastrophe) field team. It’s very challenging work and you put in long hours, but it’s great to be able to deliver on the promise to our Policyholders that we'll take care of them. When you’re in-office, you do so much phone-oriented work. To be able to actually get out there and physically help people is important.

We’ve seen so much devastation. The toughest year was probably 2004 where we had Charley, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne. I’d be out in the field for 5 weeks, come back home for a few days, and then get called back out for another 5 weeks on another assignment. Before I knew it, it was Christmas. It’s an interesting lifestyle. We’ve lived in hotels where there was no water or power, but there were snakes!

Your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spots would have to be Hilton Head, South Carolina, or Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Other than that, pretty much any beach anywhere.

Tell us something that nobody knows about you.
I have a really big shoe collection!