Maine Boating Information
Registration Questions:(207) 287- 8000
Boating Registration Website:
State Tax Department Website:
Registration Grace Period (Days):60 days
Boat Sales & Use Tax Rate:5.5%
Credit For Tax Paid In Another State:Yes
State Decal Required For Documented Vessel:Yes
Boat Titles Issued:No
Notes:Sales tax is 2% for non-residents who purchase and base boats in Maine. Municipalities impose an annual excise tax boats home-ported in the town. The municipalities issue stickers indicating that the tax has been paid and is required for documented boats


MaineLooks to Ban E-15

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is looking for fellow New England states to partner with it to introduce legislation that would ban the use of E-15. Although three states are currently selling the blended fuel which contains 15 percent ethanol, several groups have publicly announced their concerns that E-15 is damaging to older automobiles and smaller engines like outboards and lawnmowers. The American Automobile Association even issued warnings about the possible misuse and damage E-15 can cause. The bill has yet to be drafted and would not go into effect unless two other states also passed legislation instituting the ban. New Hampshire introduced its own outright ban of ethanol use in 2012.  

Maine Boating Issues
2009 Maine Boating Issues
Boating Law Administrator(207) 287-2766
Maximum Speed Limit:Posted Speed Limit
Maximum Dimensions For Trailer:458'L x 8'6"W x 13'6''H
Maximum Overall Length with Vehicle & Trailer:65'
Minimum Weight Requiring Separate Trailer Brakes:3000 lbs.
Trailer Equipment Requirements:
Safety Chains:Yes
Brake Lights:Yes
Taillights:Yes, at least 1 left of center
Clearance Lights:Yes, commercial vehicles or trailers over 7.5' height & width
License Light:Yes
Turn Signals:Yes
Reflectors:Yes, Commercial Vehicles Only
Flares:Yes, Commercial Vehicles Only
Breakaway Breaks:Yes, Commercial Vehicles Only
Two Trailers:No
Insurance:Not required specifically for the trailer, may fall under the vehicle insurance.
Over Limit Permits:(207) 624-9000 ext 52134
For specific questions about boating issues or BoatUS Government Affairs, please e-mail the department at

Maine Boating Alerts:

The Maine Legislature is in session from 12/5/12 through 6/19/13. Keep an eye out for state boating legislation at or if you have a boating related issue please email us at