Connecticut Boating Information
Registration Questions:(860) 263-5700 
Boating Registration Website:|27864
State Tax Department Website:
Registration Grace Period (Days):60 Days
Boat Sales & Use Tax Rate:6.35%
Credit For Tax Paid In Another State:Yes
State Decal Required For Documented Vessel:Yes
Boat Titles Issued:No

Refund for Highway/Road Fuel Taxes Paid on Marine Fuel:

Recreational boaters can apply for a $0.25 per-gallon refund of state sales tax on gasoline purchased at a highway pump for use on their boat. Additionally, there is a refund of $.29 per-gallon on diesel fuel purchased at a highway pump. One must purchase at least 200 gallons of fuel to apply for the refund, and attach original sales invoices to the refund application.

The refund form, AU-724, can be downloaded off the Internet by going to, Click on "Forms" in upper right.Click on "Motor Fuels Tax Refunds Forms - Boats, other Off Road Use, Exempt Vehicles." For more information, call (800) 382-9463 (in-state) or (860) 297-5962.

  • Registered Boats: 119,496
  • Numbering: All motorboats; sailboats 19.5'+
  • Square Miles of Inland Water: 698
  • Miles of Coastal Shoreline: 618
  • Launch Ramps: 181 - BoatUS Ramp Locator
  • For More Information: (860)434-8638
  • Contacts:
Support CT Raised Bill 6576

Raised Bill 6576 would extend the tax-exempt winter window which allows out-of-state boaters to use Connecticut marinas for storage, overhaul and repair work. Another section of bill that has been removed would have allowed transient boaters to be berthed in Connecticut for up to 60 days without having to pay the state use tax. Please urge your Representative to have this section reinstituted.

BoatU.S. is in favor of Raised Bill 6576 and asks that you contact your legislator to respectfully urge their support. This measure could be heard in either chamber as early as April 22. Please contact your Senator and Representative and urge their support for Raised Bill 6576 with the 60-day exemption.

Connecticut Boating Issue Archive

Boating Law Administrator(860) 434-8638
Maximum Speed Limit:Posted Speed Limit
Maximum Dimensions For Trailer:46' L x 8'6"W x 13'6" H
Maximum Overall Length with Vehicle & Trailer:60'
Minimum Weight Requiring Separate Trailer Brakes:3000 lbs.
Trailer Equipment Requirements:
Safety Chains:Yes
Brake Lights:Yes
Clearance Lights:Yes
License Light:Yes
Turn Signals:Yes
Breakaway Breaks:Yes
Two Trailers:No
Wide Trailer Permit:(860) 594-2880
For specific questions about boating issues or BoatUS Government Affairs, please e-mail the department at

Connecticut Boating Alerts:

Contact your legislators to support pro-boating legislation Raised Bill 6576