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May 4, 2012
Boater Funds diverted

Governor Gregorie chose to not line-item-veto the diversion of $3.3 million from the Recreational Resource Account. This fund is supported by fuel taxes for which boaters choose to not seek a refund. Click here for information on how to receive this refund.

April 6, 2012
Raid on Washington State Boater Fund

In Olympia, plans are being made to divert funds that boaters pay for Washington's boating programs to help balance the state's budget.

As part of the larger state budget debate, a proposal to take $3.3 million from the Recreational Resource Account has surfaced. These funds come from state taxes that Washington boaters pay on fuel to support essential boating infrastructure, including public boat ramps and their parking facilities, docks, and mooring buoys.

It is important to note — and the powers-that-be in Olympia need to hear this — that these taxes are in essence voluntary because boaters can request a refund of fuel taxes paid for fuel used in their boats, but few ever do. (For additional information on how to apply for this refund, click here.)

You can easily send that message on this issue to your representatives and the Governor by clicking here.

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