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Antifouling Paint Ban Legislation

April 21, 2011
Copper antifouling paint ban legislation passed by Washington State House and Senate

The Washington State Senate and House of Representatives have agreed on amendments to S. 5436 and have sent the legislation on to the Governor for signature. Under the legislation passed by both chambers it will be prohibited to:

  • Sell a new recreational boat with antifouling paint containing copper after January 1, 2018
  • Offer for sale antifouling paint that is intended for use on a recreational water vessel that contains more than 0.5 percent copper after January 1, 2020
  • Apply antifouling paint containing more than 0.5 percent copper to a recreational water vessel in the state.
Anyone found in violation of these requirements would be subject to fines of up to $10,000 per day.

For a copy of the legislation please click here.

To find the latest status of the legislation click here.

April 14, 2011
Copper Bottom Paint Ban Legislation

Different versions of SB 5436 have passed both chambers of the Washington State legislature. The two bills will be reconciled and then sent on to the Governor for signature.

February, 2011
PASSED: Copper Bottom Paint Ban Legislation

Legislation banning the sale of anti-fouling bottom paint containing copper has passed the Washington State Senate. The bill, SB 5436, would prohibit the sale of new recreational boats with copper anti-fouling paint after January 1, 2017. It would also ban the sale of any anti-fouling bottom paint containing more than .005% copper in the state after January 1, 2020.

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