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August 30, 2012
Non-resident Boaters May Face Fees

If you boat on Saratoga Lake but are not a resident, you may soon have to pay a fee to the Saratoga Lake Improvement and Protection District (SLIPD.) Although residents around the lake live in a special taxing district which is supposed to pay for lake upkeep, the SLIPD proposal would assess a fee of $35-75 depending on boat size for all non-resident boats. The monies would pay for increased chemical treatments and harmful plant and marine species abatement programs for the lake. All four municipalities around the lake, as well as the state legislature and governor, must approve the fee. If you use Saratoga Lake and would like to comment on the proposal please contact your local Municipal Board Member at the appropriate link below:

Ph: (518) 899-2552


Saratoga Springs:

(518) 664-6148

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