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March 15, 2011
EPA Listening Session on regulation to implement the Clean Boating Act

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is holding public listening sessions as they develop regulations and best management practices to implement the Clean Boating Act. Two live sessions have been scheduled as well as several "webinars" to gather boaters' perspectives on clean boating techniques that are practical for everyday boating.

EPA has created web pages on this issue: EPA Clean Boating Act Web Site

A specific list of the proposed requirements is not yet available. We do know that sewage will not be discussed or covered – it's part of a different law. It appears that EPA is looking at several broad categories of vessel discharges (including the use of antifouling paints and zincs, gray water (from showers and sinks), bilge water (with concern about oil and grease, which is already illegal to discharge), the use of cleaning products, disposal of garbage and fishing waste, and the transport of invasive species.

Boaters need to help EPA understand that that any new mandatory "best management practices" must be based in science, and should be both practical and realistic on actual boats.

There are three ways for boaters to let EPA know their views:

  • Two in person meeting
  • Meeting Details:
  • Where: Doubletree Hotel, 210 Holiday Court, Annapolis, Maryland, 21401
  • When: March 18th, 7 pm and April 29th, 7 pm
  • "Webinars" online presentations and discussions of the issue.
  • Additional information and the schedule for the "webinars" can be found here: EPA Clean Boating Act Webinars
  • Email EPA directly at CleanBoatingAct-HQ@EPA.GOV

The EPA notice for these meeting and public participation opportunities can be found here: Clean Boating Act Meeting FR Notice

For clean boating tips and techniques visit the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety & Clean Water's clean boating web page: Foundation Clean Boating

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