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April 22, 2011
BoatUS Alert: Boaters need to let their voices be heard!

The Illinois General Assembly and DNR are currently working on legislation that will require adults to wear life jackets while they are alone underway on boats under 26'. (If you are on a sailboard or fishing with some engine use you are exempt.) But because 96% of the boats in Illinois are less than 26' long, this bill has the potential to touch many people.

BoatUS supports the voluntary use of life jackets and safe boating practices. In a recent survey, many of our members expressed significant concern about the government mandating when and where adults must wear life jackets.

Given the immediacy of this issue in your state, we encourage you to contact your state representative today and tell them how you feel about Senate Bill 3060. This bill has passed the Senate, went through the House Committee Tuesday, and is now on the home stretch headed to a full House vote. Time is of the essence - let your elected officials know how you feel today!

Click here to get your Representative's contact information:

For more information:

Bill language: Illinois Senate Bill 3060

Summary of the bill and current status: Bill Summary

The US Coast Guard's National Recreational Boating Statistics: 2008 Report

Page 42 outlines that nationwide less than 25% of the 709 boating deaths were on boats with one occupant.

April 22, 2011
Illinois Action Alert

BoatU.S. members are urged to contact their state representatives regarding legislation that would require boaters who are the sole occupant of a boat less than 26' in length wear a life jacket.

Additional information regarding this legislation can be found here

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