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November 5, 2008
FL Amendment 6 Passes

Thanks to the help of BoatUS Members in Florida and different organizations. Amendment information below.

October 2008: Help Preserve Florida's Working Waterfronts - Voting Amendment Information for November 4

In recent years dozens of Florida wet-slip marinas, waterfront dry stack storage facilities and boat service yards have been squeezed out of business by huge increases in real estate taxes, leaving you and your fellow boaters with fewer and fewer places to keep your boats and higher slip fees and storage costs.

Why is this happening? Because the current property appraisal system in Florida forces counties to apply "highest and best use" value to waterfront business property, not current use value. That means the businesses we boaters rely on are taxed as if they were high-end condominiums or waterfront resorts. You can help change that at the polls on November 4th, 2008:

A "Yes" vote on Amendment 6 will bring down the property taxes on the following marine working waterfronts to reflect the property's current use:

  • Marinas and docks open to the public for water access and recreational uses
  • Public vessel launches into navigable inland and coastal waterways
  • Commercial fishing facilities
  • Water-dependent marine manufacturing facilities
  • Marine vessel construction and repair facilities
BoatUS supports Amendment 6 and we hope you will too on Nov 4. We need your help to get the 60% voter approval required to pass this very important amendment.

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