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May 13, 2009
Action Needed: Save Cal Boating

Dear BoatUS Member,

In just two days, on May 14, the California Senate Budget Subcommittee will vote on a critical proposal that could alter the future of boating in your state. Cal Boating, your state's boating agency, could be dismantled and boaters will lose a department that works on your behalf, for boating safety and infrastructure. Please take a minute, right now to call your state Senator and ask for their vote to save Cal Boating.

Action Needed

We can't let Cal Boating - and your boating dollars - get swallowed up in state bureaucracy. But time is running out so, please telephone your senator or send an e-mail message today. (If you need phone numbers, go to:

For specific questions about boating issues or BoatUS Government Affairs, please e-mail the department at
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