Arkansas Boating Information
Registration Questions:(501) 682-4692
Boating Registration Website:
State Tax Department Website:
Registration Grace Period (Days):90 Days
Boat Sales & Use Tax Rate:6.5%
Credit For Tax Paid In Another State:Yes
State Decal Required For Documented Vessel:No
Boat Titles Issued:No

Proof of liability insurance for all personal watercraft and motorboats powered by engines of more than 50 horsepower. Visit the Arkansas boat registration page for more information. Visit the BoatU.S. marine insurance page for coverage information.

Local sales and use tax also apply.

Boating Law Administrator(501) 223-6379
Maximum Speed Limit:Speed Limit as Posted
Maximum Dimensions For Trailer:43'L x 8'6"W x 13' 6"H
Maximum Overall Length with Vehicle & Trailer:65'
Minimum Weight Requiring Separate Trailer Brakes:3000 lbs.
Trailer Equipment Requirements:
Safety Chains:Yes
Brake Lights:Yes
Clearance Lights:No
License Light:Yes
Turn Signals:Yes (If original equipment)
Breakaway Breaks:Yes
Two Trailers:Yes, no longer than 28' each
Insurance:Not required specifically for the trailer, may fall under the vehicle insurance.
Wide Trailer Permit Office:(501) 569-2381
For specific questions about boating issues or BoatUS Government Affairs, please e-mail the department at

Arkansas Boating Alerts:

E15 now at Pumps in Arkansas - Buyer Beware

Testing by the DOE has indicated that higher blends of ethanol such as E15 can cause engine failure in marine engines and currently Arkansas sells E15 at the same roadside gas pumps where you may fuel your trailer boat. E15, or gasoline with 15% corn-ethanol may also be enticing because it is commonly the lowest-priced fuel at the pump. Please make sure to take a good, long look at the pump before selecting fuel for your boat. Currently there is no marine engine warrantied to run on any gasoline fuel containing over 10% ethanol.