Registration Questions:(907) 269-5551
Boating Registration Website:
State Tax Department Website:
Registration Grace Period (Days):90 Days
Boat Sales & Use Tax Rate:0%
Credit For Tax Paid In Another State:No
State Decal Required For Documented Vessel:No
Boat Titles Issued:No
State gas tax to boating programs:No

Refund for Highway/Road Fuel Taxes Paid on Marine Fuel:
There is a $0.05 tax on marine gasoline, and a $0.08 tax on highway gasoline. The $0.03 per-gallon difference can be refunded if one purchases highway fuel for use in a boat. All original purchase invoices must be attached to the refund claim.

For more information, call the motor fuel division office at (907)465-4661, or e-mail To download the refund form directly, go to and then click on the "Claim Refund" form.

Boating Law Administrator(907) 269-8705
Maximum Speed Limit:45mph
Maximum Dimensions For Trailer:40' x 8'6" W x 14' H
unless otherwise posted
Maximum Overall Length with Vehicle & Trailer:75'
Minimum Weight Requiring Separate Trailer Brakes:5000 lbs.
Trailer Equipment Requirements:
Safety Chains:Yes
Brake Lights:Yes
Clearance Lights:Yes (Over 80' Long)
License Light:Yes
Turn Signals:Yes
Breakaway Breaks:Yes
Two Trailers:No Commercial Only
Insurance:Yes. If vehicle insurance doesn't
cover the trailer, the trailer must
have it's own insurance.
Oversize Permit Office:(907) 365-1200
For specific questions about boating issues or BoatUS Government Affairs, please e-mail the department at