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February 29, 2012 - FCC Extends Comment Period on withdrawal of LightSquared Authority to Operate

In response to a request by LightSquared LLC, the Federal Communications Commission has extended the comment period on its proposal to withdraw LightSquared authority to operate a land based broadband network. Click here to see a copy of the FCC notice. Click here for information on submitting comments on this topic.

February 15, 2012 - FCC Moves To Protect GPS
In a letter and report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to the Federal Communications Commission it is concluded that there is no practical solution to the interference with GPS caused by the proposed LightSquared service. FCC, therefore, is proposing to rescind LightSquared's tentative approval to operate a new broadband cell phone service. Last summer over 18,000 BoatUS members commented to the FCC asking them to protect the integrity of the GPS service. Their voice was heard.

To see a copy of the NTIA letter and report to the FCC go to the following links:

Click here to read the statement by the FCC on the NTIA report.

September 14th, 2011- FCC Orders additional test of LightSquared service

The Federal Communications Commission is requiring additional testing of the impact of the new broadband service being developed by LightSquared LLC on GPS. Working in conjunction with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, LightSquared must resolve GPS interference concerns satisfactorily before commencing service.

August 1, 2011 - Comment period closed on LightSquared proposal
The comment period for the technical working group report on the LightSquared proposal and its impact on GPS has closed. Reply comments to issues raised in these original comments can be filed until August 15th.

July 28, 2011 - BoatUS Comments regarding LightSquared proposed broadband service and interference with GPS signals.

Click here to see a copy of BoatUS's comments.

July 12, 2011 - GPS Signal in Jeopardy
A recent FCC decision to allow high-speed internet and cell phone service to use frequencies close to existing GPS radio frequencies could disrupt GPS signals and cause severe interference to a wide range of GPS receivers, including those used by boaters. On January 26, the FCC gave conditional approval to a private company, LightSquared, to build 40,000 ground stations within the U.S. that would transmit high powered signals in the middle of the existing satellite band of frequencies. As part of that conditional approval, FCC required that additional testing and a report be prepared on the service's potential to interfere with the GPS signals. That report was completed on June 30th and raises significant concerns for boaters and other users of GPS.

The following is an example of the potential area where GPS signals would be disrupted by the LightSquared service. Green shows area of interference at LightSquared's maximum authorized power levels. Red shows area of interference at LightSquared's proposed operating power levels.

June 9, 2011 - Congressmen Tell FCC to Protect the Integrity of the GPS System

A bi-partisan coalition of 64 Congressmen have urged the FCC to carefully review it recent conditional waiver for LightSquared to introduce a new broadband internet service that could potentially cause interference with the GPS signal. Click here to see a copy of their letter.

May 16, 2011 - Testing of a new cell phone service could cause GPS interference

A company called LightSquared is conducting tests on a new cell phone system that has the potential to interfere with GPS signals. The Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots within a 115nm radius of Boulder City Nevada that GPS signals could be unreliable. Click here to see a copy of the FAA warning.

Boaters in this area should also exercise caution in relying on GPS as a source of navigation information. If you experience any problems with the GPS system please notify BoatUS Government Affairs at