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June 30, 2012
Sport Fish Restoration Trust Fund Passed and Signed into Law

On June 30, only hours before it would have expired, Congress reauthorized the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, continuing the cornerstone program that makes boating the enjoyable and safe pastime we know today.

Over 28 years ago BoatUS championed the concept of using excise taxes already paid by boaters and anglers to fund boating safety education and enforcement, build public boat launching ramps, install sewage pumpout facilities and improve fisheries conservation. What was known for years as the Wallop-Breaux Trust Fund collects the taxes paid on motorboat fuel and fishing tackle and generates about $650 million annually, most of which goes back to the states to support boating and fishing.

The last time Congress formally reauthorized the boating trust fund was 2005 and that expired at the end of September 2009. Since then, working closely with industry groups such as the American Sportfishing Association and National Marine Manufacturers Association, BoatUS repeatedly made the case on Capitol Hill for continuing this "user pay-user benefits" program. Thankfully, Congress listened and the Trust Fund is intact and now extended for another 27 months. Learn more about the SFRBTF and some of the projects it supports.

June 29, 2012
Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Infrastructure Trust Fund Nears Final Passage

Contained within a larger bill to reauthorized highway funding, the SFRBTF will be renewed through 2014 with no changes to the program. BoatUS has worked with other interested parties to ensure this vital program is continued. Watch for additional coverage in BoatUS magazine.

May 14, 2012
Re-authorization of Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Infrastructure Trust Fund under consideration

Legislation to re-authorize the SFRBTF is currently being reviewed by a joint U. S. House of Representatives-Senate conference committee. This legislation is part of a bill to re-authorize transportation programs. SFRBTF support a wide range of boating safety and infrastructure programs.