BoatUS On Watch: Budget Outlook

The Federal Government Budget is important to recreational boaters. This is what we are currently tracking.

FY 2018

Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (Updated December 14, 2017)

Department and AgenciesFY 2017FY 2018HouseSenateFinal
Department of Interior32.2B27.3B31.4B 32.0B 
Bureau of Land Management1.2B963M1.07B  
Wildlife and Fisheries101M110M   
Soil, Water, and Air Management43M27M   
Land and Water Conservation Fund27M20M   
Land Acquisition38M3.6M12.8M  
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management79M114M   
National Park Service2.8B2.2B2.4B  
National Recreation and Preservation62.5M37M59.6M  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services1.5B1.3B1.2B  
Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund53M19M53M  
National Wildlife Refuge Fund13M013M  
North American Wetlands Conservation Fund35M33.6M38M  
Environmental Protection Agency8.2B5.7B7.5B  
Science and Technology706.4M450.8M629M  
Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System Fund3.1M3.6M3.6M  
Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Program10M20M25M  
The U.S. Geological Survey1B922M1B  
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement107M127M108M  
Oil Spill Research14.8M12.7M12.7M  
Department of Commerce56.6B49.2B53.9B 53.4B 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration5.6B4.8B3.2B  
NOAA Environmental Satellite, Data & Information Service189M235M234.3M   
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service848M821M867M   
NOAA National Ocean Service499M385M 533.2M  
NOAA National Weather Service987M937M987.4M   
NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations  213M213M   
NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research 324M 477.7M  
NOAA Mission Support 232M265M   
NOAA Procurement, Acquisition, and Construction 1.8B 1.8B1.6B  
Department of Defense598.5B639.1B658.1B650.9B 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers6B5B5B  
Department of Homeland Security 42.6B44.1B45.2B 44.2B 
U.S. Coast Guard10B10B10.4B  
US Customs & Border Protection13.4B16.3B13.8B  
Department of Transportation57.7B47.9B56.5B60B 
Federal Highway Administration420M440M 439M439M 
Maritime Administration247M172M300M300M 
Department of Energy37.8B34.3B37.6B38.4B 
Bureau of Reclamation 1.1B1.1B1B1.5B 
Water and Related Resources1.5B960M1B1B 

Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

Agency Budget Proposals