Boating Infrastructure Grants

Grants are administered by state boating access agencies. For contact information please visit

Funding for the Boating Infrastructure Grant program comes from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, which boaters and manufacturers support through excise and other taxes on certain fishing and boating equipment and gasoline.

Grantees use Boating Infrastructure Grant funds to construct, renovate, and maintain facilities with features for transient boats (those staying 15 days or less) that are 26 feet or more in length and used for recreation. Grantees may also use funds to produce and distribute information and educational materials about the program and recreational boating.

Transient Float Replacement, City of Port Angeles, Washington

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Office of Recreation and Conservation proposes to assist the City of Port Angeles to replace 16 transient slips removed from the City Pier in 2013 due to deterioration and safety hazards. The City Pier at Port Angeles offers transient boaters access to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and will provide dock space for eligible boaters piloting vessels up to 80 feet in length.

Point Hudson Jetty Replacement, City of Port Townsend, Washington

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources Office of Recreation and Conservation proposes to assist the City of Port Townsend to construct a new breakwater at Point Hudson Marina. Proposed improvements will help the City maintain 51 transient slips which serve boaters traveling between Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The existing 600-foot breakwater is in disrepair and does not adequately protect the public marina from the winds and waves of Port Townsend Bay. The grantee and subgrantee have confirmed they will be able to complete the project with partial Federal funding.

Pelican Rest Marina Transient Slips, Galveston, Texas

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife proposes to assist Pelican Rest Marina with construction of 36 new slips which will be designated for transient recreational boaters. The marina is located on Galveston Island, a regional yachting hub and year-round stopover for transient boaters traveling the Intracoastal Waterway.

Transient Boater Facility, City of St. Petersburg, Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will support the City of St. Petersburg in their efforts to redevelop a portion of the City's waterfront. The project includes construction of a transient dock at the St. Petersburg Marina, with space for up to 25 eligible boaters. This improved public access will support public recreation and tourism and the positive economic benefits they bring to area businesses.

Harbor View Marina Transient Slips, City of Pensacola, Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will support Harbor View Marine located on Bayou Chico to develop a facility for use by eligible transient recreational boaters. The marina will develop nine new transient slips, including six with 50 amp electrical service and three with 30 amps, all of which will be available to the boating public. These slips will provide dockage for eligible transient boaters traveling the Intracoastal Waterway, giving them access to historic downtown Pensacola and a variety of other land-based attractions.

City Marina Dinghy Docks, City of Fort Pierce, Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation proposes to assist the City of Fort Pierce with design and construction of a dingy dock that would serve traveling boaters, providing access to supplies as well as other cultural and historic attractions in the City. Despite a large publicly-owned marina and projected increase in the number of cruising boaters in the area, Ft. Pierce does not have any dinghy docks. The proposed dock will enable boaters traveling the Intracoastal Waterway to safely access all the various amenities the City has to offer.

Transient Boater Facility, Owensboro, Kentucky

Although the need for additional transient boating facilities throughout the Ohio River Valley is great, infrastructure is especially needed between Louisville and Paducah to help serve traveling boaters navigating the "Great Loop" The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will help the City of Owensboro address this need by constructing 500 linear feet of ADA-accessible dock space for eligible users. This facility will also help to establish Owensboro as a destination port and help provide an economic lift to the City and its businesses.

Bohicket Marina Expansion, Seabrook Island, South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources proposes to support expansion of transient boating facilities at Bohicket Marina, along the north side of Seabrook Island at Bohicket Creek. The project includes addition of 768 linear feet of new side-tie transient docks, 538 linear feet of space for day dockage, plus an additional 258 of dock space for accommodating larger vessels. In-slip fueling, upgraded utilities, and other boater amenities are also included in the project. Bohicket Marina is conveniently located near the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

Port Royal Landing Marina Transient Facilities, Port Royal, South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources proposes to assist the Port Royal Marina with replacement of existing transient slips and a fuel dock, as well as construction of new docks for eligible public use. A total of 650 linear feet of dock space will be replaced and added, along with updated utilities and fueling equipment. The marina is situated along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, an ideal location for supporting the transient recreational boating public.

Transient Day Dock Development, City of Beaufort, South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources proposes to assist the City of Beaufort with installation of a day dock at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, for use by eligible transient recreational boaters. The 200-foot floating dock will provide convenient shore access as well as fueling and sewage pump-out services to eligible boaters using the adjacent mooring field, which was funded in part through the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program in 2013.

Whitman Hollow Marina Transient Dock, LaFollette, Tennessee

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency seeks funding to support the construction of a new floating dock for the use and enjoyment of eligible transient boaters in Norris Reservoir's Big Creek area. This reservoir, created in 1936 by the Tennessee Valley Authority, is a 34,200-acre impoundment of the Clinch and Powell Rivers. The partners propose to build 24 covered slips with shore power, dockside communications, restrooms, and other amenities for boaters.

Visiting Transient Boater Project, Newburyport, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game will help the City of Newburyport renovate and develop existing facilities for transient recreational boaters piloting larger vessels. The project includes construction of a restroom facility with showers and laundry, an information and customer service counter, a covered breezeway and an ADA-accessible ramp. A dingy dock and six moorings will be re-designated solely for use by eligible transient boaters.

Solomon Jacob's Park Transient Boating Facilities, Gloucester, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game will help the City of Gloucester and partners meet a long standing need for visiting transient boaters to have access to the cultural, historic and recreational resources and services the City has to offer. The project includes the addition of a total of 349 linear feet new dockage to be used for dingy docking, overnight transient slips, and day slips. These publically-accessible facilities will open up to traveling boaters the numerous attractions in the City, as well as the Massachusetts North Shore region and Boston, a worldclass cultural center.

Reed Park Transient Boater Infrastructure Improvement, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game will help the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea to construct a new ramp and floating dock system for 10 transient recreational vessels at Reed Park (also known as "Peoples' Park"). Funding for this project is needed to alleviate a significant shortage of accommodations for visitors to the Town and throughout the Massachusetts North Shore region. The Town currently has no overnight dock space for cruising boaters, so this project will open the region's cultural, historic and scenic resources to these visitors.

58 Fore Street Marina Redevelopment, Portland, Maine

The Maine Department of Transportation proposes to support the replacement and enhancement of existing marina facilities at Portland Yacht Services, a private marina. The project seeks to add a total of 61 new slips for use by the transient boating public. With the addition of a new dingy dock, wave attenuators and upgraded utilities, this project seeks to help establish Portland as a significant destination for cruising boaters.

Somers Point Transient Marina, City of Somers Point, New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Transportation proposes to assist the City of Somers Point with construction of a 20-slip floating dock for use by transient recreational boaters. Somers Point is a waterfront community situated on a peninsula formed by Great Egg Harbor Bay and Patcong Creek, near Ocean City, New Jersey. The proposed facility is part of a larger economic revitalization effort focused on the Bay Avenue area of Somers Point.

Sheltered Cove Marina Transient Dock Replacement, Tuckerton, New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Transportation proposes to assist Sheltered Cove Marina with replacement of a dock that has deteriorated after more than 30 years of use. The facility was further damaged during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The marina will remove the existing dock and install a new floating dock system meeting current design standards, which will accommodate up to 30 transient recreational boaters. The facility serves boaters traveling the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at the southern end of Barnegat Bay in coastal New Jersey.

Gray's Creek Marina Transient Slips, Surrey County, Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health will support efforts of Surrey County to provide a transient boating facility at the site of the former Gray's Creek Marina, located on a tributary to the historic James River. The facility will provide 40 slips designated for transient boaters, as well as a fueling station, sanitary waste handling, and a bathhouse with showers. The planned marina will offer these critical services to boaters traveling between Richmond and the Chesapeake Bay.

River Connections, Arkansas River Valley, Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Health proposes an innovative plan for construction of ten transient recreational boating facilities at strategic locations on the Arkansas River. Each facility would offer a variety of amenities to eligible traveling boaters, including slips, fueling, sewage pumpout, utilities, and restrooms. The plan is broadly supported by numerous public and private partners, and represents a statewide approach to supporting transient boaters on the Arkansas River.

Long Beach Harbor Phase II, Long Beach Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources proposes to help the City of Long Beach add new side-tie moorings for transient boaters at Long Beach Harbor. Up to 16 eligible vessels would be accommodated by this project, including cruising boaters traveling Mississippi Sound and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Increased transient boater traffic resulting from this project would also benefit the City's downtown business district