The BoatU.S. Foundation and the BoatU.S. Angler Program invite you to join with us in helping to reduce marine debris. With funding from the NOAA Marine Debris program and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we are building a nationwide network of monofilament recycling locations to make proper disposal of monofilament more accessible. Volunteer to install and maintain a monofilament recycling location at a fishing spot near you. If you have already installed your bins and received your password, click here to access the collection tracking site.

Who: Marinas, Fishing Clubs, Local Organizations

What: Volunteer to install and maintain a monofilament recycling location

  • Using this simple video, learn how you can build your own monofilament recycling bin.
  • Install the bin in a high traffic fishing area and regularly maintain it, separate any trash and send the collected line to Berkeley Conservation for processing.
  • Track the amount of line you collect through our online database.

Where: A high traffic fishing area in your area (marinas, boat launches, parks, etc.)

Why: Did you know that it takes over 500 years for monofilament fishing line to decompose? Meanwhile, that discarded line can tangle itself around your boat prop or worse yet, marine life. To help keep line out of the environment, the BoatU.S. Foundation would like to partner with you and your local fishing or boating group to install a monofilament recycling bin at your favorite fishing spot, launch ramp or marina.

The BoatUS Foundation is happy to provide bin decalse and signage for bins. Email us and let us know how many bins you are building and where we can send your decals and signs. Click here to learn how to build a bin.

Where to Send Collected Line?
Berkley Recycling
1900 18th Street
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360

We thank you for your interest in keeping our water tangle free.