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Navigation Lights

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Light Shapes, Colors, and Positions Animations

Masthead Light Animations

Commercial Barge Traffic Animations

Commercial Barge Traffic

A common sight on many rivers and waterways are "tugs and tows". When a tug tows or pulls a barge they must
display certain lights that identify what they are, and how they are proceeding. Knowing the difference is very important! A tug towing a barge at night might have several hundred feet of cable between the two vessels-cable that is impossible to see. If you don't know what the lights mean, you might think that they are two different vessels and attempt to pass between them at your peril...

Commercial Barge Traffic Animations

Barge Traffic - Day
Barge Traffic - Night

Barge Traffic - Night
This graphic shows a night view of a tug less than 50 meters in length, with a length of tow under
200 meters. If the tug had the barge alongside, it would show two yellow stern lights, instead of a yellow over white stern light combination.