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If You Run Aground


If you've sustained serious hull damage, you're better staying put than reentering deep water. Waiting for high tide is a safe, albeit slow way to get yourself un-stuck. While you're waiting, you could finish those few, ever-elusive boat chores.

If all else fails and you're really stuck, a commercial tower can help. Unless you're insured, this will cost you $150 an hour, on average. Hard groundings are generally considered to be salvage operations, and cost considerably more than the costs of having your boat freed from a soft grounding.

But your safety and security are well worth it, and, you'll have learned a valuable lesson for the next time. Remember, the Coast Guard will not come out to assist or tow you unless you are in immediate danger. Instead, they will hail a commercial tower to come to your assistance. For more information on towing and salvage, visit