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Congratulations for catching a tagged fish!  The information you provided about this recaptured fish will be forwarded to the National Marine Fisheries Service and used to help study fish growth rates and migration patterns.  The role you play in this process is extremely important.  If you have a tag with a serial number that begins with BUS please fill out the following form and you will receive information from us in the mail about the fish when it was originally tagged.  If the tag you have does not begin with BUS please click on the "Other Tagging Programs" button above to connect with another organization who tagged that fish.  We greatly appreciate your detailed information about the fish.  Please make sure you give us your contact information so we can send you follow-up information too.  Thank You!

Fish Recapture Information:

Tag Serial Number:

Date Recaptured MM/DD/YYYY
Time Recaptured (A.M. or P.M.)
Species Location Description
Fight Time   Seconds Minutes Fishing Gear
What did you do with the fish?
If other, pls
Fish Condition
Length (inches) Location LAT/LONG, if available
Estimated Exact
Total Fork
Weight (pounds)
Exact Estimated

Angler Information:

Captain Information (if available):

Member #
(if applicable)

Member #
(if applicable)

E-Mail Address E-Mail Address
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Address Line 1 Address Line 1
Address Line 2 Address Line 2
City City


Zip Code Zip Code
Phone Number
Phone Number

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