Fueling Products for Marinas and Fuel Docks:

Below are some products you should consider having on hand at your marinas to capture any spilled fuel and prevent it from reaching the water. You might also consider stocking some of these items in your store to sell to your customers and slip holders.

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Spill Kits

Every marina should have an emergency spill kit immediately available and be prepared to handle minor fuel spills. In general, you should maintain sufficient oil response equipment to contain the largest potential spill at your facility. There are many commercially available pre-packaged spill kits starting in price at about a few hundred dollars.

As an alternative, you can easily make your own spill kit. A large plastic trash can with a secure lid, filled with absorbent materials such as pads and booms purchased from your wholesale supplier will cost you much less. It is recommended that you keep enough booms on hand to encircle the largest vessel at your facility (approximately 3 times the vessel’s length.)

Other Products

Do boater’s ask you what to do to prevent spills? If you would like to know more about boating products that help reduce the chances of a fuel spill see the BoatU.S. Foundation Findings. Boat U.S. Foudation staff tested mechanical clean fueling devices such as fuel air separators and vented deck fills. To read the entire BoatU.S. Foundation Findings on Clean Fueling Devices, click here.

There are many good products out there that promise great results. Inclusion of products on these pages does not necessarily constitute endorsement and exclusion does not imply lack thereof. Regardless of the product you select, you must dispose of all materials properly and in accordance with state and local regulations. For more on disposal, click here.

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