Seasonal Fishing

Tips from fishing guides and pros for each fishing season of the year.

Thumbnail photo of Capt. Steve Chaconas with a bass catchBass Fishing In Cold Weather

Largemouth bass can still be caught when the water is at its coldest, after fall migration and before pre-spawn.


Thumbnail photo of outdoor writer and angler Bob Jensen fishingBig Fish For Fall

In Fall fish are thinking about eating, not about spawning. That makes them more susceptible to an angler's presentation.


Thumbnail photo of outdoor writer and pro angler Ron Anlauf with a walleye catchBlade Your Way To Mid-Summer Eyes

Good "bladers" know that one of the most consistent producers for walleye has been a spinner and live bait combination.


Thumbnail photo of Bassmaster Elite Pro Kurt Dove fishingDetecting Signs Of Fall Fishing

Fish are on the move and in transition in the early part of the fall season.


Thumbnail photo of cold weather clothing for fishngDressing For Cold Weather Fishing

In cold weather months dressing for fishing conditions is complicated.


Thumbnail photo of Bassmaster Elite Pro Kurt Dove at weigh inEarly Summer Patterns

Bassmaster Elite pro Kurt Dove shares a few of his fishing success secrets.


Thumbnail photo of Bassmaster Pro Mike Iaconelli fishingFall Fishing Patterns

BASS and FLW tournament angler Mike Iaconelli breaks fall fishing patterns into two: early fall and fall transition.


Thumbnail photo of Joe Balog catching smallmouth bass on Lake ErieFall Prime Time To Fish Lake Erie

You can catch bass just about any time of year on Lake Erie. If you're after trophy bass, October is prime time.


Thumbnail photo of FLW Pro Jay YelasFishing Deep Water In Winter

Deep water can be productive almost any time of year that the bass aren't on the beds, but winter can be especially effective.


Thumbnail photo of FLW pro angler Jay Yelas with a bass catchFishing For Spawning Bass

There is perhaps no more controversial topic than whether or not, we ought to fish for bass while they are spawning.


Thumbnail photo of Pro angler Scott Suggs with two bassFishing The Post Spawn

Once you get post-spawn bass pinpointed you could be in for some of the best fishing of the year.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove on his boatHeat Of Summer

Make these tips part of your routine so you can enjoy long days in the summer out on your favorite lake.


Thumbnail photo of Pro Bass Angler Kevin Wirth fishingHot Weather Bass Fishing

Flippin' and pitchin' heavy vegetation is an often overlooked tactic for hot weather largemouths.


Photo of an angler ice fishingIce Fishing 101

Ice fishing can be fun, just take a few precautions and get the right gear for a safe and exciting trip!


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove fishing in winterIt's Cold But The Fish Are Feeding

Winter is no time to put away the fishing equipment! The bass are still swimming and feeding so anglers go after them.


Thumbnail photo of bass in a livewellKeeping Heat-Stressed Bass Alive

Bass tournaments held during the heat of summer place a great deal of stress on fish.


Thumbnail photo of Joel DeBoer with a big muskyNovember = BIG Musky Time

Why fish in November? The answer is simple — the late season gives you one of, if not THE best shot at boating a true giant.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove bass fishingPost Spawn Finesse

Fishing the post spawn very rewarding if you have a good game plan and attack the conditions properly.


Thumbnail photo of Bassmaster Elite Pro Kurt Dove fishingReproducing What's Working

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kurt Dove shares tactics that you can use for fishing success.


Thumbnail photo of Berkley Pro Scott Suggs fishingShade Fishing

Most people think that catching big bass in the summer is more difficult, but it doesn't have to be.


Thumbnail photo of a smallmouth bassSmallmouth Bass Fishing In Snow

December may give you the best weather conditions for catching the largest smallmouth bass you'll ever hold.


Thumbnail photo of outdoor writer and angler Lee McClellanThe Snow May Be Flying But Fishing Season's Still Here

You don't have to wait until it's 75 degrees outside to start fishing.


Thumbnail photo of a Strike King spinnerbaitSpring Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are great! They require no special skill, cover lots of water, are relatively weedless, and catch lots of bass, big bass.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove fishing a tournamentSpring Up, But Slow Down

This spring get out and wet a line… but be sure you fish at a slow pace to start off the year!


Thumbnail photo of a young angler holding a bassSummer Change-Ups For More Fish

Here are a couple of things Bob Jensen has learned relative to summer fishing that can help you catch more fish.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove with a bass catchSummer Hot Spots

Many anglers wonder where to start in these hot summer months. Here are a few techniques to try this August.


Thumbnail diagram of suspended bassSummer Conundrum Of Suspended Bass

Slow down and swim a lure for suspended bass during these long, hot lazy days. It may be the fastest bass fishing of the year.


Berkley Pro Scott Suggs winter fishingThree Structures To Target This Winter

Just because it's December doesn't mean that you should park the boat and resign yourself to hanging lights and watching football.


Thumbnail photo of an angler winter fishingTop Ten Tips For Winter Fishing

This winter stay safe on the water and catch more fish.


Thumbnail photo of Kurt Dove winter fishingWhat Are You Doing This January?

When you hit the water this January attack it in two ways … slow and subtle.


Thumbnail photo of Bob Jensen with a late summer catchEnd Of Summer Doesn't Mean Fishing Stops

As summer makes its exit, if you want to continue to catch fish, you need to make some changes.